Man hangs himself after he was caught sleeping with his daughter

A man who was reported to have been having a sexual affair with his 17-year-old daughter has hanged himself after they were caught.

The incident occurred at Amaigbo in Nwangele Local Government Area of Imo State on Thursday June 10. 

According to reports from The Sun, trouble started when the villagers who had been suspicious of him, approached him to question him about the affair, but he blatantly denied it.

However, not satisfied with his denial, some of their kinsmen decided to keep a close watch on the father and daughter. Fortunately, they were not disappointed by their suspicion as both were caught in the act.

After they were caught, the man reportedly attempted to jump out from the window of his building but was apprehended. He was later taken to the palace of the traditional ruler of the community where he confessed to the crime.

He was later made to perform a traditional sacrifice to the gods of the land atone for his sins. When he could no longer bear the shame, he hanged himself on a tree in a nearby bush.

Before hanging himself, the man allegedly told his daughter to forgive him and also disclosed that he cannot live to bear the stigma of his act. The daughter who was also questioned said her father had threatened to kill her if she exposed their secret affair to the public.

The source said; 

“She told us that her father has been sleeping with her since she was 16 years, he even threatened to kill her if she reveals their affair to the mother who is a trader.

” Her mother takes her goods to the market every day, she does not know what is going on between them.”

It was also learnt that it was not the first time such incident occurred in the community. 

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