Johnson Suleman and Sheik Gumi

Pressure on Apostle Suleman to run for Presidency in 2023 with Sheik Gumi as running mate

Nigerians react as the news broke over intense pressure mounting on Apostle (Professor) Johnson Suleman with Sheikh (Dr.) Gumi to enlist as Presidential and Vice-Presidential candidates towards 2023 general elections.

While some factions of the country are in support of the idea as a noble one, with the impression that the duo are young, vibrant, Godfearing, well educated, very close to the Nigerian masses, and above all, have become strong voices on behalf of the voiceless majorities over the years.

Some others are of the opinion that clerics are only called to religious (faith-based) and moral propagation; and already have their roles spelt out in nation building.

Some other reactions states that both Apostle Johnson Suleman and Sheikh (Dr.) A.A. Gumi are more relevant in building a morally sound society for Nigeria (just as they have hitherto been doing over the years); than joining the Nigerian type of politics that is now abused and have become void of good conscience towards humanity.

Apostle Suleman’s magnanimity in respect of his humanitarian gestures, for instance the Auchi/Abuja road repair work he commenced recently promoted the imagination in the hearts of northern elites. They are of the opinion that it won’t be a bad idea if we have clerics to run our nation; given the fact that we are religiously sentimental.

Source: nairaland

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