Two Nigerian men die inside plane

Two Nigerian men lost their lives after the drugs they swallowed burst during a flight from Brazil to Ethiopia. The deceased, identified as Chigozie Pascal Aniagbado and Chijioke Chidioka Ogbuefi, died before an emergency landing, despite the fact that CPR was performed on them.

According to an eyewitness;
“I was in an Ethiopian Airline from Brazil to Ethiopia and my seat number was 30D which was at the middle, in between the two men, and they are all black skin like me. The flight was 12hrs journey, the young man at my right had asked me to check the flight map to know how far we have gone which I did and told him that we already done half of the journey.”

“Then he asked me if I speak Igbo, I said yes, he said he doesn’t know if he will make this journey that it seems the drugs he swallowed must have expired in his system. My mind sank right inside my stomach, and I began to shiver, he said I should not be scared that it’s not in the bag but inside his body, he said I should stand and get him drinking water, but I refused standing because I was scared he may insert something in my bag, I had to wave for the air hostess to come, she came and served him water, he then demanded for food, and was given.

He became calm, a few minutes later he took olive oil from his bag and drank. At this moment I was so confused, I didn’t know what to do, then he started shivering, panicked and fell down. That was when all the doctors in the plane assembled, questioning, asking his country and tribe, his blood was tested for sugar levels and high blood pressure. He then opened up that he swallowed drugs before the flight.

He then started vomiting blood, and gasping, so the doctors had to put him on oxygen. Because of them we had to do an emergency landing, as the pilots said no matter their crime, it’s their priority to keep them alive.

We couldn’t land because the said country has Ebola, so we had to proceed while they were on oxygen. Before we could land, I was told they had lost the battle. May their souls rest in peace.”

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